Yesterday, we covered about new Forgotten Attachment Detector feature of Hotmail, today we’re going to cover how to send files using SkyDrive, that means your files attached will be stored in your SkyDrive (update:now OneDrive) account and links will be sent to your friends via Hotmail for convenient download instead of  receiving users suffering with big attachments in their inboxes and hit with limits of their email system.

Always send files using skydrive in hotmail

Enable Always Send files using SkyDrive option of Hotmail

Though SkyDrive is integrated into Hotmail, but by default, new Hotmail is set to use SkyDrive for large attachments and office docs only which you can change and set “Always Send file using SkyDrive” .

For this, sign into Hotmail

Click on Options, under “Go to Inbox”, click on Hotmail to show options for.

Click on Attachments option on right side for Writing email which opens another page

Hotmail attachments opitons

for you to choose option from ‘Always Send files using SkyDrive’, ‘Always Send files as attachments’ and  ‘Let Hotmail choose’ (use Skype for large attachments and office docs ), select the first one and save the changes.