Read4Me is freeware portable app that reads the text copied/saved to clipboard by using default SAPI5 TTS (Text To Speech) voice that comes pre-installed in Windows and this program offers conversion of text files to MP3 as well.

Read4Me clipboard reading

Using Read4Me

Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run the executable Read4Me.exe. Right-click on Read4Me tray icon and click show button, now Click on Speak to Text tab paste the text from the clipboard/document for the program to speak make sure your speakers powered on and click on Speak button.

You can adjust Volume and Rate at which it speaks by dragging sliders up or down. If the slider for Rate is closer to 10 the faster it reads the words. Make sure you set the rate so that you can understand what TTS voice is speaking.

To convert text files to MP3 click on Convert to Mp3 tab and browse and locate source text file or you can drag and drop files to program window. Select Text, voice, Language, Rate and Volume under “Text to Mp3 conversion settings” and click Save settings button and click Start text to mp3 conversion and MP3 will be saved in same directory where source file is chosen from.

Read4Me text to mp3 conversion

Read4Me works on all Windows.

Download Read4Me