When compared to the old days, now you don’t need to sit in your home or at office sticking to a wired broadband connection to surf the web, these days, you can access internet on your laptops wherever you go like while traveling with wireless connections, but these wireless connections not always reliable there can be some disruptions during gaming or audio and video streaming as they tend to scan and discover wireless networks to join. Meet WLAN Optimizer, a freeware portable app that helps to improve wireless connectivity by disabling periodical background scanning.

WLAN Optimizer

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Using WLAN Optimizer

Download the program zip file, extract its contents a folder and run WLAN Optimizer executable. By default, it comes activated with “disable background scan” option which is visible under the Tweaks in its Settings.

If you haven’t found any improvement with disabled background scan tweak, then go ahead and enable streaming mode. You can hide/show the program UI  from its tray icon. Quitting the program restores Windows standard values.

When you’re connected to network, tray icon appears in blue color, otherwise in grey color. You can make WLAN Optimizer to start with Windows from its settings.

WLAN Optimizer works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download WLAN Optimizer