Its official, new Hotmail is now available to all users worldwide with new features, one of them is Forgotten Attachment Detector which reminds you when you forget to attach files as you’ve mentioned in message with phrases like “attachments “ or “see attachments” or “find in attachments”. It’s a feature would welcome by all live users where Gmail has already this feature graduated from labs and integrated into Google mail long time back.

Hotmail reminds to add attachments you forgotten

Hotmail reminds about forgotten attachments if you mention them in email

Just try to send email to anyone with attachments phrase, Hotmail new detector catches it and shows this dialog with following message

“Send without attachments?

Just checking, it looks like you mentioned attachments but didn’t add any.” 

You’ve the options to go back and attach the files again and send or send the message without attaching files, you can also select “Don’t show this message again” which doesn’t appears if you mention and forget to attach documents or files if any.

Just go ahead and test this feature is actually working for you or not, as it worked for me like a charm, Hotmail team says their forgotten attachment detector can catch about 75% of forgotten attachments.