Since Firefox 3.6.4 version onwards Mozilla introduced Out- Of Process Plug-in (OOPP) feature for Firefox where all plugins will run in a separate process called plugin-container.exe which appears running in Task Manager when you’re using Firefox, the aim of this process is reduce Firefox crashes and offer uninterrupted browsing for the user even when one of the plug-ins on a page crashes all user need to do is reload the page.

two plugin container.exe processes running

Now what? there seems be too many plugin-container.exe processes running as I have noticed in Task Manager can’t confirm what’s in case of other users,  where any user considers running one that process as annoying and one, two many will be more memory usage by plugin-container.exe process of Firefox.

If you’re on Firefox pages playing games, watching videos, on Microsoft website with Silverlight content it’s certain  that you get more processes of this running.

What’s the fix or solution?

Simple disable Plugin container.exe of Firefox.

Type about:config in address bar and enter proceed then by agreeing to the warning.

Type ipc in the filter box and mainly set dom.ipc.plugins.enabled preference value to false by  double clicking on it.

Similarly set the below preferences value to false if exists