Firefox does automatically saves the passwords you enter on websites or for those filled in forms for your accounts,  built-in password manager in Firefox lets you view these passwords  and manage accounts with a master password, Firefox stores all passwords in encrypted form to disk with that of your master password but Password Manager lacks to offer guidance to the user for using passwords wisely, where Mozilla is working on Watchdog  project which is a compliment for their BrowserID “proactively nudges user to make better, more informed password and privacy decisions”.

visual hashing

Mozilla Watchdog project is for modern password management system for Firefox

Watchdog project developer Paul Sawaya says “With that in mind, my first step to a smarter password manager was to experiment with visual password hashing. As a feature, it’s almost entirely unobtrusive–and worth an explanation, in case you haven’t seen it before. Visual hashing allows your computer to display something about the password you’ve entered without actually showing your password on the screen. The idea is to map the set of all possible passwords to a (smaller) set of visual cues. For now, I’m using four colors.”

Visual Password hashing add-on

Mozilla Watchdog Visual Hashing add-on has been released for Chrome and Firefox browsers which changes the background of password entry fields to a four-color visual hash. By using this add-on by overtime you’ll remember your visual hash and stop mistyping your passwords.

visual password hashing for Gmail in Firefox

Visual hashing is the first add-on released by Mozilla for their Watchdog project and they’ll  release series of independent add-ons for their project in future for Firefox and other modern browsers.