KeyScarmbler Personal which I started using since I came to know about it in August 2009 I am going to install this in my Computer every time I reinstall Windows, KeyScarmbler installs as add-ons for Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Can’t imagine surfing the websites or filling usernames and passwords on websites without this being installed, its confidence that brings to anyone as if even any keylogger present in My Computer that got through antivirus can’t get actual keystrokes where it gets only scrambled ones.

keyscrambler personal

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How KeyScrambler protects your keystorkes from keyloggers?

KeyScrambler encrypts your keystrokes at keyboard driver then decrypts them when they reach browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. So encrypted keystrokes or scrambled text only reach keyloggers which of no use.

After installed you need to restart your Computer, after restart its icon appears in the system tray when you can right-click on it  to know KeyScrambler on/off status. You can activate and deactivate it with a hotkey Ctrl +Shift +K.

Whenever your start to type text in forms or fields, encrypted keystrokes appears in real-time on top of browser in overlay window to let you know its working, it doesn’t occupy much area. You can move its position to top left/right or bottom left/right by clicking on arrow button on overlay window.

So any information you type like  username, passwords, addresses, credit card numbers and other sensitive information won’t caught by keyloggers. KeyScrambler protects your email such as Yahoo, Hotmail, search terms, PDF forms, Browser dialogs and browser master passwords. 

KeyScrambler video

KeyScrambler offered in three versions: Premium, Pro and personal version. Personal version is free to use and protects all your keyboard entries in Firefox, IE and Flock browser.

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