We’ve covered few apps like Mosaic Desktop, Omnimo4 skin which brings  Windows 8 metro UI for Windows 7 with the release of WDP we’ve not seen much of  these type of apps releasing for Windows 7 from developer, here you go Instant Beautiful Browsing is app with metro interface brings workspace to windows 7 desktop with Windows 8 style, developer says its neither Mosaic nor Windows 8 but it is kind of like that.

Instant Beautiful Browsing

Using Instant Beautiful Browsing

After installing the program on its first run, the program displayed in full screen with set of tiles  with a user tile and search box on top. Lot of tiles are widgets open in full screen on clicking. .B.B seems still under development as you can get coming soon dialog boxes for some tiles.

You can open apps like Gmail, Google, Ask and Bing directly in I.B.B without need of browser on their separate windows and work on them. You’ll see lot of empty tiles occupying  the space on screen where something can’t be added or they can’t be deleted, just waste of space.

When your system is idle clock appears in full screen acts as if as a screensaver. “Browser in Firefox environment” may be misleading because it opens Internet Explorer browser. Developer aims to provide workspace where user can access all needed apps on start screen where implementation is not there. Still lot of work to be done by the developer and more features needs be added.

Instant Beautiful Browsing works on Windows 7, requires .Net framework 4.0 to be installed to work in your Computer.

Download Instant Beautiful Browsing