If you’re using Chrome and Firefox and want to switch from Chrome to Firefox (since Chrome has surpassed Firefox in browser share and also offers much better performance, sandboxing security with minimal UI design when compared to Firefox , you may not want to, if you want, then this article is for you). You need to manually import Chrome bookmarks as Firefox doesn’t provide any option in their import wizard to import from Chrome, now Chrome migration feature has been added to Firefox 11 Aurora, which allows to import Chrome cookies, bookmarks, browsing history, passwords and other data with few clicks, here is how.

Importing Chrome data and settings into Firefox

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+B to open the Bookmarks Manager

2. Click on “Import and Backup”, a drop-down menu appears select “Import Data from Another Browser”

import data from another browser

3. Select “Chrome” option in Import Wizard, click ‘Next’ button

Select Chrome

where Chrome’s  default profile is selected by import wizard (if you’re using multiple profiles for chrome or select the profile you want to import from  and click ‘Next’ button.

select Chrome profile

4. Select the items to import from Cookies, Browsing history and Bookmarks (in future Chrome passwords, and other settings will be displayed here to select & import) click Next button

select items to import

5. Click “Finish” button once importing is finishes.

importing finished.

Firefox does asks during the installation to import settings from browsers you are using this includes Chrome, will cover that with screenshots once I get that dialog possibly when Firefox 11 on Beta channel, long time to go.