We do used to open many tabs and surf, clicking on a link on a page leads to other and from there you end up opening too many tabs in browser. What we do generally to copy all web addresses opened in a browser is to manually copy URL one by one to the notepad or word document and save that the future reference that’s really tedious when too many tabs are open, do you know without using any extension with a simple trick we can able to copy all URL s opened in tabs in Firefox and Internet Explorer to the clipboard?, here is how.

Supposing that you’ve already opened several tabs in Firefox and in IE

1.  Open Firefox options select General tab,

2. For Homepage field click on Use Current Pages which displays all opened URLs in a single field which you can select and copy to the the clipboard from there paste to the notepad.

copy all urls opened in tabs in Firefox

For IE

  • Open internet options, under General tab for Home page click on Use current, select and copy all links and paste to the notepad.

copy all URLs opened in internet explorer