Yesterday Mozilla officially released Firefox 9.0 final with JavaScript improvements, hang on hang on! surprise! surprise! Firefox 9.0.1 has been released for Windows, Linux an Mac platforms reminds you bit of Firefox 8.0.1 release followed by Firefox 8. Though this release mainly aimed at Mac users who are affected with crashes on startup after upgrade to Firefox 9. But the desktop update is pushed by Mozilla to all platforms, Android users not affected with this.

Firefox 9.0.1

Upgrading from Firefox 9.0 – 9.0.1

What you should do now is check you’re already on Firefox 9.0.1 release update channel if not from Help menu in Firefox select “About Firefox” 1.9 MB update will be downloaded and installed after restart once you click the “Apply Update” button.

downloading Firefox 9.0.1 update

Check these bugs 71194, 708572, 335998 for more details as Firefox 9.0.1 release notes doesn’t tells much.

And after upgrade to Firefox 9.0.1, redesigned what’s new page loads with “Different by design” headline and with “Hooray! your Firefox is up to date” text on the header and with video explaining about Mozilla non-profit organization and their Firefox browser. This page is really attractive.

Firefox what's new page

Update: Surprise to see lot of users experiencing crashes with Firefox 9.0.1 even the same case with me, so you’re not alone. Keep your fingers crossed Firefox 10 releasing on 31st of this month (January) which may fix these crashes.

I have seen lot of users reporting crashes in Mozilla support forums and on other sites where Firebug seems the cause, if you’re using Firebug make sure its updated , if it is then wait for its update also.