We’ve covered that Mozilla currently trying to add the option to import Chrome data such as Cookies, history, Bookmarks to their import wizard in future version Firefox 10, its been shifted to Firefox 11 nightly build. Where current Firefox version only allows to import data from Internet Explorer though we can manually import Chrome bookmarks to Firefox but that’s tedious.

Firefox Import wizard with Chrome data import option

Importing Data and Settings from Chrome to Firefox

Current Firefox 11 nightly build supports this option, for a surprise File menu doesn’t shows import option, however you can use Bookmarks manager for that.  Press Ctrl+Shift+B and from “Import and Backup” Menu select “Import Data from Another Browser”, Import Wizard now displays Chrome browser option along with IE.

select items to import

Select Chrome browser click Next, select which items to import from cookies, Browsing History and Bookmarks and click on Finish button once the import is finished.

import complete dialog window