Windows does employs strong security measures to protect your data from malware and other attacks, hence there are some restrictions applied on SAM file (System Accounts Manager) which stores all users passwords in hashes in an encrypted SYSKEY which can not be copied in traditional way. There are scenarios where you need to copy files like SAM and other protected files in Windows which Microsoft OS doesn’t allow, still you can copy them with freeware app like Fast Raw File Copier Pro from NoVirusThanks.

Fast Raw FIle Copier

Fast Raw File Copier Pro copies files and folders in the source field  you specified to the destination folder by showing file copy progress in percentages and also copies files that cannot be allows to copied in Windows.

You can copy all file extensions .exe, dll. yss, cpl, ocx in a folder by enabling only copy these file extensions that located under Settings>Filters.

copy specific file extensions only

“It copies a file by its respective data clusters directly from the underlying disk object all without the need for a kernel mode driver, hence the name Fast “Raw” File Copier Pro.“


  • Compatible with BOTH 32-bit and 64-bit OS
  • Copy entire directories or sub-directories
  • Copy files which generally cannot be copied
  • Copy files while showing progress percentages
  • No need for a kernel mode driver
  • Perfect for data backup or directory cloning
  • Quickly copy large number of files
  • Very user-friendly GUI

Fast Raw File Copier Pro works on all Windows.

 Download Fast Raw File Copier Pro