There can be latency issues while playing audio/video streaming in your Computer these are called drop-outs. DPC Latency Checker is freeware portable app that analyzes your computer capabilities whether it can handle real-time audio/video streaming without drop-outs, if excessive DPC latency found during the test which is indicated by red bar, you’ve job on your hands where you need to find the culprit device driver causing and possibly you can fix that by updating it.

DPC Latency Checker

Download and run DPC Latency Checker, the program starts analyzing latency and shows if your machine could be able to handle streaming applications in real-time at the bottom if no latency issues are detected. You can see bars on main window scrolling from right to left per every seconds, where a new bar is added on right-side.

Each bar value represents maximum DPC latency occurred with in one second. The current latency value displayed on bar graph indicates maximum DPC latency measure with in last second. Absolute Maximum represents the maximum latency measured since the tool was started.

If you get red bar on graphs as shown below which indicates that excessive DPC latency is occurred. Now you need to found the driver causing excessive DPC latencies by disabling devices in Device Manager one by One and run the program after disable of every device. You can stop, reset and Exit from the test at any time.

red bar is excessive DPC latency

DPC latencies are caused by devices like Ethernet adapters, internal modems, internal sound devices, modems, and other add-on cards you should try to disable these one by one. If after disabling a device excessive latencies are disappeared then that device is the culprit where you can download the latest driver for the device and fix the issue.

DPC Latency Checker works on Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 & 64-bit).

Download DPC Latency Checker