Before the Christmas Opera wants to offer something for their users to try out,  Opera labs released 64-bit build of Opera and Out-Of-Process-Plug-in architecture model for both 32 & 64 bit version for Windows/Linux/Mac/FreeBSD platforms to prevent browser plugins from crashing the Opera 12 browser.

Opera 12 labs build with Out of Process Plugins feature

Opera with Out-Of-Process Plug-ins architecture

Opera already runs browser plugins in a separate process on Linux and FreeBSD platforms to avoid the crashes.  With this system, if a plug-in crashes on a page accidentally then Opera keeps running and the user has to reload the page to correct the plug-in which we know with Firefox runs plug-ins in plug-in container.exe process.


As you know how popular Plug-in container.exe process of Firefox, Opera_plugin_wrapper.exe can be in that much known to users in future as it appears running in the task manager under processes list.

Opera plugin wrapper exe

64-bit Opera builds

While the plug-ins compiled for Intel 32-bit architecture can be run with in a 64-bit opera process as well. 64-bit Opera offers better performance and allows the browser have more freedom in allocating the memory.

Download Opera 12 (32 or 64-bit) build with OOPP feature