Chrome developer channel v17  has been updated yesterday brought some significant changes, some of them are : for Windows users, desktop shortcuts automatically added to the desktop with the creation of new user accounts, “Mouse Cursor” UI has been added in Content Settings which lets you control Mouse cursor locking by websites.

Google Chrome shortcuts for user accounts on desktop

After the install of Chrome Dev., unless you customize your profile Google Chrome for (First User) is shown on the desktop shortcut, if you create another user account to share your Computer another shortcut for Chrome will be created on desktop to launch Google browser.

So the more the accounts/profiles you create for Chrome, the more Chrome shortcuts appear on desktop, obviously with the deletion of user account related shortcuts will be deleted. By default for each user YouTube, Google Search and Gmail apps will be installed and their icons appear on New Tab Page along Chrome web store icon.

It’s better to rename Chrome shortcuts your usernames e.g Google Chrome (First User) to Venkat to easily recognize and launch your personalized Chrome browser settings and extensions or you’ve to remember your avatar.