If you’ve downloaded same set of images that exists in your Computer from Camera to another folder or there are similar images in your hard drive which are almost identical or your image editing program saved the edited image as well as the original one, so these are all reasons for duplicate photos to exist in your Computer,  Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is a freeware program that finds and displays duplicate photos even the similar ones in your added folder, which you can remove all or selected ones.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Find and remove duplicate and similar pictures on your Computer

Download and install the program on your Computer, drag and drop the folder having images or click + button to add the folder (you can add more than one directory or folder here). Click Start Search button the program to begin scanning.

duplicate images

After a quick scan program shows details like total number of  pictures scanned, similar pictures found and time elapsed for the scan. Bottom pane shows paths of original and duplicate images and similarity in percentage between them, you can select any image as the program shows comparison between original and duplicate one in terms of image type, resolution and size in the middle.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder Settings

You can move the duplicated image to another folder (if it exists in same directory) or browse for that file or you can delete the at file. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder searches for BMP, JPG duplicate files by default you can enable support for GIF and PNG from its settings.

Download Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder