Avast started showing security report for users using their antivirus which reveals how many files and web pages that have been scanned in last 30 days and how many of them are infected, Avast prompts you to view your report via a popup in Windows which on clicking leads to load Avast security report page in your browser, you should be connected to internet for this.

Avast Security report

Generating Avast Security report

Don’t worry you don’t have to wait for that popup to appear, actually you can generate Avast security report whenever you want from Popups section in Settings.


All you need to do open Avast User interface

Click on Settings>select Popups section and click Generate report now on the right pane where report will be displayed on default web browser as shown above on screenshot.

generate report

“Every 30 days AVAST Software delivers a personalized security report, for you to see how your avast! security software works silently behind-the-scenes to protect you from viruses, spyware, and other forms of malware.”

Security report page also lets you know top infected websites by country and number of active Avast users located in specific countries and cities when you use the map in Avast Community report tab.

You can disable this popup from appearing in future from Avast by unchecking for Show monthly security reports in Popups section of Settings.