Whenever you insert a pen drive to your/any other Computer, some files like Thumbs.db (these are familiar ones even in Windows), trashes, ds_store and other unneeded files will be copied to your USB drive, these are unnecessary files, even though their size is small you shouldn’t ignore them. You can use USBDriveFresher freeware utility to clean up these files after inserting your USB drive. You can configure this program options for which, temp files to delete from a portable flash drive.

CopyToFlash Automatically Copies Specified Files in Hard Drive to Multiple Pen Drives Upon Insertion


Using USBDriveFresher

USBDriveFresher is not a portable app, you need to install this on your Computer. This program allows to clean up multiple USB drives that are connected at one or single one that’s been plugged in and this app allows to remove unnecessary files from custom folder in your hard drive.

USBDriveFresher options

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Once you click on ‘cleanup’ option, depending on the rules you’ve added (or left them alone to remove all) the program removes temp files from your USB drive. The Cleanup Results window shows free space you’ve gained after the clean up and total number of files and folders removed and other information.

cleanup results

You can configure the program options to run at windows startup and automatically cleanup USB drive when connected. You can also exerciser on running the program hidden and silent auto-cleanup of thumbs.db files from the options.

USBDriveFresher works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download USBDriveFresher