If you don’t organize your desktop it can be cluttered with folders and applications icons which is harder for you to manually organize, this is where Arrange your Desktop freeware app comes in, it arranges all your files of same type into folders.

Using Arrange Your Desktop

Download and run the program, during the installation choose custom installation  and uncheck for all three options under it more of toolbar stuff which nobody wants. The program will be downloaded from program website online and installed into your Computer.

clean desktop with all files organized into folders

Now run it, which by default selects your desktop folder to arrange where all video, pictures, documents,WinRAR and Zip., Programs +Shortcuts files on desktop will be grouped into respective folders on clicking Arrange button.

Arrange Your Desktop

All your desktop shortcuts will be placed in programs (exe)files folder for access. If  you don’t have any files related to video, pictures, WinRAR &Zip, documents  on desktop those folders remain empty after creation.

There is no way to undo this arrangement.  Arrange Your Desktop works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Arrange your Desktop