Windows clipboard doesn’t allows you to store more than one item 1St Choice Clipboard is a freeware clipboard that floats on top of your work where it copies and stores up to 25 text or graphic clips at a time. This clipboard contains 25 slots.

1st Choice Clipboard

Whenever you copy a clip few lines for  text clip or “graphic clip ” words for graphic clip appears on first slot where total text or graphic thumbnail appears in a preview window when you move mouse pointer over that slot. You can hold Ctrl button to use mouse and copy whole text or graphic in the preview window.

This clipboard allows to offers options like  auto-minimize after pasting, clearing the Windows clipboard, editing clips, reducing graphic clips and keyboard pasting.

1st Choice Clipboard options

Other features of 1St Choice Clipboard are

  • Allows to bulk-paste items both to documents and spreadsheets.
  • Use as screen capturing program to capture screens using Print screen hot key.
  • Lets you capture graphics from word or Internet Explorer
  • You can even edit captured screen shots, right click on graphic file click edit and where you can edit the screenshot and save
  • Allows to paste graphic clips directly into outlook and Windows emails

1st Choice Clipboard graphics editor

1St Choice Clipboard works on all Windows.

Download 1st Choice Clipboard