You need to either install Windows 8 or install windows 8 in a virtual machine with Virtual box on your PC to experience Windows 8 features, what if you don’t want to do both as your system requirements doesn’t match that off Windows 7’s (Windows 8 and Windows 7 system requirements are same) or your PC is with low configuration? you can still see, test and run/experience Windows 8 on your PC as a desktop app virtually with Windows 8 beta Simulator freeware app.

Sure there other ways you can turn Windows 7 to Windows 8 with transformation packs,  Some Linux lovers created Windows 8 Simulator ( you know why we call them Linux lovers when you encounter Windows 8 BSOD).

Win 8 simulator

Windows 8 Simulator app with 8 MB size will be installed quickly like of other apps in Windows. Install it and run using its desktop icon. Windows 8 boot screen may be different from original but other features are same. You’ll be presented login screen with Admin and user 1 accounts to login, simply click “submit” for either of the accounts. We can’t see admin or user accounts making the difference here.

Windows 8 Simulator login screen

If you want to capture Windows 8 smiley BSOD, damn sure you’ll get one here. Clicking on the suggestion takes you to Bill gates recommending Ubuntu screen.

Windows 8 smiley BSOD

You can access Chrome (customized version) from the start screen seems the only browser included to test surfing in this simulator. You can click on shutdown button at the bottom right of the screen to shutdown Windows.

windows 8 shutting down

Windows 8 Beta Simulator works on all Windows.

Download Windows 8 Beta Simulator