Do  we do need another program to install in our Computers to install WinRAR? may be not but you do need to visit official WinRAR homepage/other 3rd-party sites to download and install this archiving software to your Computer isn’t it?, there is a case where novice users may not able to find and download correct version (32 or 64-bit) for their OS from developers site, Win Rar Pro is freeware portable WinRAR and skins downloader app installs correct version of WinRAR to your Computer by allowing you to choose the OS type and skin from its set up window.

Win Rar Pro

Using Win Rar Pro

Download and run the program executable, click Next button by “Accepting to the License agreement” from here Choose language, OS type and Skin (16 skins to choose from which are available for download from RARlabs as well as Win Rar Pro site) and click Next WinRAR Trial version will be downloaded from WinRAR site and installed in your Computer.

WinRAR Download Manager

Win Rar Pro won’t be installed in your Computer, all its files will be deleted once WinRAR download and installation finishes, you’ll only find uninstaller for WinRAR in Programs and Features and not for Win Rar Pro.

We found  the program downloaded WinRAR 4.1 Beta 2 version than WinRAR 4.0.1 Stable version, something the developer needs to look at.

Win Rar Pro works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Win Rar Pro