Gmail got a new look offers smarter navigation, Elastic Density, HD themes, smart search, streamlined conversations you can switch to Gmail New Look by clicking on link provided at the bottom, Gmail team found that not much of users using customization of Web Clips hence they removed this feature in new look.

Web Clips customization in new Gmail removed

Gmail web clips displays feeds of news headlines, blog posts and ads at the top of your inbox. Till now Gmail allows to customize which feeds to shown on top of inbox by allowing users to add feed URLs of some favorite blogs or can browse for clips in topics and add some, Gmail allows to remove those added web clips as well.

Gmail web clips customization

If you access Web Clips tab in Gmail settings you’ll be greeted with “ Due to low usage we’ve removed customization of web clips in Gmail. Your current setting will be maintained and you can still see your feeds below. To follow updates to your favorite sites, try Google Reader”. (check the screenshot above).

You can revert to Old Gmail temporarily by clicking the option provided on Settings button, but all will soon be upgraded to new look.

So far the buzz suggests all users are welcoming the changes and new look of Gmail. Are you unhappy with removal of Web Clips customization in Gmail? please let us know through your comments.