With so many junk and System Cleaners  around developers still striving to deliver cleaning tools which cleans temporary files in windows, UnCleaner is freeware Temporary files cleaner quickly cleans unnecessary files from your Computer includes temp files stored in Windows, Prefetch data, and other unwanted files that consume disk space of your System.


Using UnCleaner

After installing this program to your Computer run it, on first run it says status is bad by displaying total size of temp files and number of temp files and folders that found in your computer. You can view all temp file paths by clicking File Report, for the first time file report window does hang if you can’t wait for longer exit from the program and run it again this time window opens quickly.

UnCleaner file Report

File report shows the unnecessary file paths include: Temp files in Windows directory, Prefetch folder which also located under Windows folder, Temp files in Local Settings directory and in App Data and some Recycle bin files, etc.. This app offers another app to install to schedule cleaning at every login, you need to install UnCleaner Task Scheduler for this.

UnCleaner works on Windows XP/Vista/7, requires .Net framework 3.5 to be installed in your Computer to work.

Download UnCleaner