It is obvious that third-party search tools such as Everything  and the Windows Search also depends on  index to retrieve results quickly, something different UltraSearch is freeware search tool for Windows for NTFS drives locates files and folders instantly by accessing Master File Table which contains details about all files and folders on your Computer. UltraSearch new version added context menu option to Explorer which lets you search from any folder.


All you need to do is to enter the search pattern  like *.exe or a file name to start searching, results will be displayed quickly as you start typing. These results include file name, path, size, Last Change, Last access, File Type, Attributes. You can able to save this list to a text file or copy list to clipboard from the File menu.

Drives Panel below provides overview of all local and Removal NTFS drives in your Computer. All checked drives are used for search, after searching for a drive results are quickly displayed when multiple drives are checked. You can able to find big files in any particular drive in generated search results by selecting Values in GB/MB from the view menu.

UltraSearch works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download UltraSearch