We’ve covered ScreenRes app which lets you save and restore screen resolution set by you whenever you want, testing new resolutions for your monitor/LCD screen isn’t easy thing in Windows specially on unsupported ones, you need to use few clicks and key presses to change to the new screen resolution you don’t need all this, Display by Violence is a freeware portable app lets you check, change and set screen resolution easily.

Display By Vioilence

Using Display By Violence

Download the program zip file and extract its contents to a folder and run dbv executable. The program shows current resolution and the possible resolution above you to change.

You can select the Width, height, Color (bit) and Refresh rate (frequency) and click Apply button to check (mode) the resolution.  If change successful message is shown at the bottom of program, then you can change to it by selecting change under mode.

Once you changed the resolution, select the set mode to save the resolution settings, because on reboot change mode settings will be lost.

changing to a new screen resolution

The  advantage with this program is once you select the resolution the program shows whether that display setting is supports for your monitor or not, then only you can change to that resolution. So without actually applying the chosen resolution you’re knowing that setting is supported or not for your Monitor.

Display By Violence works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Display By Violence.