First beta version of TeamViewer 7 desktop remote control utility has been released for Windows with new remote control features which is available for download from TeamViewer website. TeamViewer adds drag and drop of files, expanded multi-monitor support, let you save individual connection settings per computer, offers integrated screenshot function, AVI converter to converter to convert recorded sessions, performance improvements and more.

TeamViewer 7

Drag & drop support: file transfers made easier, you can simply drag and drop files from your system into remote control easily whenever you want.

Enhanced Multi-Monitor Support: If you work on two or more screens, then multiple remote screens can be displayed on your own monitors with 1:1 scale.

This version saves you time by allowing you to section settings per each Computer in your Computers & Contacts list. You can take screenshot of remote screen at any time by selecting Take Screenshot from Extras menu on Remote system.

TeamViewer 7 options

Recorded sessions can be converted into AVI with AVI converter offered by TeamViewer. TeamViewer panel position can be moved and placed any where on your screen. File transfers and direct connections are now more faster due to the optimization of data packets and display settings.

TeamViewer Demo Desktop

If you don’t have a second computer available, no problem, make yourself familiar how this remote support software works by entering 12345 in ID filed which is one of of test Computer of Team Viewer.  This connection automatically terminates after 5 minutes, you can click on toolbar on demo to view controls provided for file transfers and others.
TeamViewer Demo Desktop

TeamViewer 7 works on all Windows Operating Systems.

Download TeamViewer 7 Beta