Stardock released Tiles app which lets you view and manage running apps in windows by looking at edge of your screen, Stardock introduces concept called pages for Tiles which displays thumbnails of running apps, recently opened documents, shows all windows apart from apps. You can scroll through the apps on sidebar or swipe to change the pages, add arrange and remove windows and shortcuts and you can also right-click on an item configure options.

Using Stardock Tiles

After installing the program, a window appears with images on how to use Tiles and tips dialog windows are shown one by one to let you more understand about shortcuts and using the program.

You can add a window to a page by pressing the Shift button and drag the window to the sidebar. You can rearrange windows by holding down shift button and dragging them around. Right-click on page switcher area on tiles bar to add, rename, configure, hide and launch all shortcuts for the page.

how to use Stardock Tiles

You can close window app by clicking on x symbol on top of thumbnail, holding the Ctrl button and clicking X will forcibly close the app useful if it is hanging.

Stardock Tiles Configuration with metro UI offers all the options to configure tiles.You can always configure the apps, my tiles and docs pages in the Pages tab.  You can change how active tiles looks under appearance tab. Similarly bar size and position can be changed from tiny to Extra large by default set to normal size. All options under Options disabled (talking about free version) except for “Start Tiles automatically”.

Stardock Tiles Configuration

Stardock Tiles available in free and paid version. Stardock Tiles free version is more for look where you can control tiles and add pages only with the paid version. The sidebar always comes in your way, you can’t minimize it more annoys you. We are not impressed.

Stardock Tiles works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Stardock Tiles free version.