We’ve recently covered SafariHistoryView app from Nirsoft which Displays Safari browser history, same developer released SafariCacheView a freeware portable app that reads the cache file (cache.db) created by the Safari browser in your Computer and displays all cached files information in a simple table on its main window, this information includes Filename, Content Type, URL, Content Length,  Server Name, Expiration Date, Last Modified Time, Content Encoding and Referrer.


Using SafariCacheView

Download the program zip file and extract its contents to a folder and run SafariCacheView executable. The program automatically detects Safari browser’s  cache file and displays all cache items on its window.

You can view the cache file of other systems by importing them to yours and use F9  shortcut or Advanced options or Browse via explorer and select the cache file. You can export cache items to text/csv/html/xml file by after selection.

You can select some or all cache items and then use “copy selected cache files to” option (or use F4 shortcut instead) to extract files to a desired folder in your Computer.

SafariCacheView works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download SafariCacheView