Some of the popular cleaning tools may overlook areas in your Computer for optimization  by removing junk and other files consuming space (log files will be ignored/not considered for cleaning not the case with CCleaner though, where after a program installation, log files will be created which won’t be deleted during the uninstallation) PureRa freeware portable tool look at the things ignored for cleaning by system cleaning tools, it removes log files and unnecessary temp files from your Computer and shows removed files information in a log file after cleaning.

PureRa UI

PureRa can remove following junk files from your Computer

  • *.sqm files,  Config.msi folder
  • CryptNetURLCache,  FNTCACHE.DAT files
  • IconCache.db, Temp Files
  • Thumbnail Caches, Recycle Bin
  • Spybot S &D (Update and Log files)
  • Software Distribution Logs
  • Windows Update Installation Files
  • WMI Logs

Using PureRa

Download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run PureRa executable. Click Next button, select temp and log files you want the tool to delete and click Clean button. After cleaning is completed, log file created and shown by the program with the information about files removed and total space cleaned.

PureRa System purification tool

PureRa works on all Windows OSes.

Download PureRa