The problem with PDF To Word Converters coming these days the document layout, images, graphics won’t be preserved after the conversion. Its even difficult for software for conversion  of  restricted PDF documents which doesn’t lets you print, copy or modify the contents they’re protected against these things. We’ve covered many freeware PDF To Word Conversion programs in the past, but PDF To Word Converter differs from these offers accurate conversion of PDF documents to Word.

PDF To Word Converter

PDF To Word Converter features

  • Converts PDF documents to editable Word format.
  • All text, graphics, data will be preserved.
  • Conversion doesn’t take to long, all it takes three clicks for the conversion.
  • Automatically decrypts restricted PDF to word format.
  • offers batch conversion of PDF files.

Using PDF To Word Converter

Download and install the program to your Computer. Run it, Getting Started screen appears on the program window. All you need to do click + button to add a PDF file or you can add PDF files in the folder or just drag and drop one or more PDF files  to the program window (better thing to do ).

Output folder by default set to “C:\output” directory which you can change from program UI. You can select multiple files by pressing Ctrl button and drag-n-drop them to the program via Explorer. You can remove unneeded files in the list. Reordering is not supported though. By default all pages will be converted to Doc format.

conversion completed

All you need to click Start Converting Now button, the program does the rest. As the conversion starts, one by one file in the list disappears that means they’re converted finally “don”e message shown for progress bar Output folder will automatically open where you can open and view converted Word documents. If Office software not installed in your Computer they’ll be opened in Notepad. Office software need not be installed in your Computer for this software to work.

PDF To Word Converter works on All Windows including Windows 7 & 8.

Download PDF To Word Converter