Now a days all modern browsers offering Private Browsing mode which we can use to visit banking sites or to shop online or of course to watch porn stuff/ what ever other things that won’t be tracked by others as no browsing history will be saved to your Computer or to your browser profile, you can launch Private Browsing mode in Firefox easily by using Ctrl+Shift+P shortcut or from the Firefox menu by clicking “Start Private Browsing”.  If you encountered a site on a page which you want to view in private browsing mode what you’ll do is open Firefox in  private browsing mode and type that URL in browser.

open link in private browsing mode

That’s where Open In Private Browsing Mode Firefox add-on becomes useful which adds open link in private browsing mode entry to right-click menu on selection and also shows open private browsing mode on context menu.

open private browsing mode from right click menu

All you’ve to do is select the link, right-click on it and select open link in private browsing mode. You can leave the private browsing mode from right-click menu by selecting “Leave Private Browsing Mode” also.

leave private browsing mode from context menu