With wayback machine, you can able to view how current sites looked in the past or access some of pages from old times for specific date, that’s one-way another is with MementoFox add-on for Firefox which lets you see the web as it was in the past, this add-on makes this possible by implementing memento protocol that links resources with their previous versions automatically.

Microsoft page in 2002 displayed in Firefox  by MementoFox

After installing the add-on its toolbar shown on top with date slider and date picker to select, all you need to do visit any website and set the target date and this add-on discovers and loads the closest archived copy of web resource you’re looking for.

cnet Download in 2008

“If you know the URI of a Web resource, the technical framework proposed by Memento allows you to see a version of that resource as it existed at some date in the past, by entering that URI in your browser like you always do and by specifying the desired date in a browser plug-in”

“ Or you can actually browse the Web of the past by selecting a date and clicking away. Whatever you land upon will be versions of Web resources as they were around the selected date. Obviously, this will only work if previous versions are available somewhere on the Web. But if they are, and if they are on servers that support the Memento framework, you will get to them. “ MementoFox homepage describes about the add-on.

MementoFox is cross-platform add-on works on Windows, Linux and Mac.