If you install any Facebook app, you must allow that app to access some of your Facebook account information such as of your profile’s, posts in news feed, photos and videos you shared, the app can post updates on behalf-of you, and can access information others share with you, we can say you can’t choose/opt-out of Facebook app permissions, a developer Ched Selph released OOptOut Chrome extension which lets you opt-out of Facebook app permissions, currently this app is under development.

opt out of facebook app permissions with OOptOut extension

Installing OOptOUt Chrome extension for Facebook

First of all this extension isn’t available on Chrome webstore, may hit the store soon once its gets stable. You need to download the zip file from github and open Chrome extension page, select developer mode and click “Load Unpacked extension” and select OOptOUt folder via explorer and click ok, extension will be installed and shown as “ Social Auth Disconnect (unpacked)” on the extensions page.

Social Auth Disconnect

Now go head and try to install any Facebook app, we tried BitDefender Safefo, as app seeks your permission a bar appears on top for every permission app requires with check boxes which you can uncheck some or all, click Update button after that, the page will be reloaded by showing the permissions chosen by you click allow button at the bottom.  Zdnet reports this extension breaking some apps.

Download OOptOut Chrome Extension