If your hard drive has failed, then you need to recover data from it first then destroy it later or fill it with zeros called Zero filling of  a hard drive which makes data impossible to recover with data recovery tools, Lowvel is freeware app overwrites data in hard drive with zeros which makes data recovery impossible.

zero fill hard drive with Lowvel

Using Lowvel

Download and install the program to your Computer and run it. The program needs to lock the storage device for complete erase of data. Its obvious that it can’t lock the current using active system disk since erasing data from active disk is not possible, instead you can attach/connect hard drive to your Computer you want to erase and select that drive to erase from the drop-down menu if it’s external one then that drive will be locked.

When you click the start button, hard drive information will be shown such as model, capacity, serial number and info about the logical volumes on physical hard drive. Click Erase button to start zero-filling of hard drive,  With the “Stop” button which appears once the process starts and click on it to stop zero-filling, erasing of data will be stopped but data overwritten with zeros can’t be recovered. Status bar shows the current state of Lowvel.

Lowvel works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Lowvel