If you’ve deleted a file it won’t be deleted in hard drive as Windows reserves the place for future writing  but the location for it will be marked as unoccupied until new data is written to these locations these files still exists, file recovery tools like Recuva, FileWing and other programs recovers files based on this. Kickass Undelete is freeware portable recovery tool for Windows recovers files deleted from hard drive, Flash drive or SD card.

Kickass Undelete

Using Kickass Undelete

All you need to do is download and extract contents from program zip file to a folder and run Kickassundelete executable. The tool displays drives on left side with search box on right to search by file name and extension. Click Scan button, all matched files for the filter text you entered will be shown once the scan is finished.

scan for deleted files in windows

You can perform the scan without entering filter text which also finds and displays deleted files from selected drive which you can select and recover. As no Recovery software guaranties file recovery perform the scan and keep your fingers crossed.

Kickass undelete works on all Windows and on FAT and NTFS file systems.

Download Kickass Undelete