If you’re using both Firefox and Chrome browsers and if you want to access bookmarks saved to Chrome profile from Firefox, there is no option provided by Mozilla’s browser (soon there will be, update: Yes, now you can, check the update link below) where Chrome provides this option to import settings from Firefox, IE and Google Toolbar. Currently, you can only import Internet Explorer’s bookmarks, settings and data from the Firefox import wizard (File>Import). Here is how to import Chrome Bookmarks to Firefox.

Update: read How to Import Chrome Bookmarks, Browsing History, Cookies and other data into Firefox with its import wizard

Importing bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

First you need to export Chrome bookmarks, for that

1. Open Chrome browser and from Tools menu> select Bookmarks>open Bookmark Manager

2.  Here, click on Organize menu >select Export bookmarks and save bookmarks in HTML format to a desired location on your Computer.

exporting Chrome bookmarks

To import these saved bookmarks into Firefox

1. Open Bookmarks Manager in Firefox by using Ctrl+Shift+B shortcut or select “Show all Bookmarks” from Bookmarks menu under Firefox menu button.

select import bookmarks from HTML file

2. Here click on Import and Backup menu>select Import HTML from the Import wizard, select “from an HTML file”, click ‘Next’ and select & open bookmarks HTML file you saved earlier.

importing bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox

Chrome bookmarks will be added to Bookmarks menu directory of Firefox.