Disk Health Monitor from Foolish IT unlike to other hard drive health monitoring app is a freeware app that scans event logs for disk/domain controller errors and alerts you when any relevant event is generated. You can configure this program to send email notification to email address when such events are generated.

Foolish IT Disk Health Monitor

Using Disk Health Monitor

After installing the app, Disk Health Monitor Configuration window appears where its preconfigured to start with windows and even in safe mode to detect event errors related to disk. 

The app alerts user in two ways when an error event is generated: one, through balloon pop-up notification from the system through second, through email address specified (you need to enter in “Email Config” section in Config window).

Disk Health Monitor Configuration

There can be disk errors which recorded in event log before app installation that’s why app scans the event log up to the last system start up and alerts you when one or more errors were detected . Unless something wrong with your hard drive, you won’t find any alerts after startup scan of app.

You can resume and pause monitoring from the program window as well as by double clicking on the tray icon. This program triggers the alert when detects for words in Event description like Disk, DMIO,  or  chkdsk with the words “harddisk” and either “error”, “corrupt” or bad block and for NTFS with words “Corrupt”.

Disk Health Monitor works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Disk Health Monitor