Whenever vulnerabilities are found for their products this includes Flash Player Adobe releases updates which we need to install to stay protected (Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater can automatically update flash player plug-in installed in your Computer), Adobe wants to end this by offering automatic background updates option for their Flash player installed users from Flash Player 11.2 release onwards, current beta version  supports this feature, this is optional feature and not forced for users by default.

flash player background updates

If you want to test this feature you need to first uninstall current flash player plugin installed in your Computer and then install flash player 11.2 beta in your Computer.

Enabling Flash Player to install updates automatically

Now go to Control Panel in Windows 7>type Flash Player in the search bar click on it to open “Flash Player Settings Manager” select the Advanced Tabs under updates select install updates automatically when possible and close window.

Flash Player Background Updater

After installing this version, Flash player background updater will check for updates for every hour If flash player is updated when Firefox or IE in use you need to restart your system for Firefox to use the new version and for IE you need to restart the browser. Both ActiveX component for IE and flash player plug-in installed for other browser will be automatically updated.

To revert to Flash Player 11 you need to use uninstaller provided in this page (you can download flash player 11.2 beta also from the same page).

Adobe Flash Player 11.2 Beta