Most of the users happy with Gmail’s new look but that’s not the case with redesigned Google Reader, changes not liked by lot of people are: wasted white space and integration of social features with Google+ and whole Google Reader site  looks with links, text, folders title looks in  grey or black color. Google may react to criticism and fix these issues in future expect the integration with Google +, here are some Chrome extensions and user scripts to minimize the white space and get back old reader look.

Google Reader- new interface tweaks

If you use Firefox or Chrome to access Google Reader, Google Reader-new interface tweaks user script helps to reclaim space on collapsed items, change folder opacity and brings back old reader blue color scheme, blue headers. You need to install Greasemonkey extension first before installing this extension. Google Reader looks much better after installing user style.

Tweked Google Reader wiht user script

Chrome extensions to Tweak Google Reader white space and look

If you’re a Chrome user, Marginal De-Uglification of Reader slightly de-uglifies Google Reader. This extension

  • Tones down the "selected item" indicator.
  • Makes the toolbars smaller, saving 40 vertical pixels.
  • Adds blue headlines and links in entries.
  • Makes the list view more compact.

Fix Google Reader extension removes the white space in Google Reader as did Reader Style but this extension should not be used if your screen resolution is less than 1280Px.

Google Reader after installing Chrome extension