It is taking ages for Mozilla to develop New Tab Page for their browser after all New Tab Page just shows the thumbnails of top sites visited from history and bookmarks, Mozilla sets New Tab Page feature as target for the Firefox 11 release. Currently Firefox shows blank page when you open new tab, Mozilla wants to offer thumbnails of top sites for navigation instead of blank page, if you want to test Firefox New Tab Page (looks ugly but that’s currently under development) you can taste it by downloading Firefox 11 UX build, looks ugly but that’s currently under development.

Firefox New Tab Page

What Firefox New Tab Page has to offer

Firefox NTP displays shows 3*3 partial thumbnails of top sites from bookmarks and history with titles also shown for these at bottom. If You remove a site it will be replaced with another one.  You can reorder the placements of top sites by dragging and dropping thumbnail one over other. You can lock/pin site to the NTP.

When you hover your mouse pointer over top of thumbnail pin and close buttons appear. Firefox 11 UX new tab page currently offers above said features.

Mozilla planning to add more features to New Tab Page in future.