Mozilla made available Firefox 8 final release build ahead of scheduled date via Mozilla FTP servers, Firefox latest version still not officially released yet you’ll be notified for update with in 24-hours of Firefox release, if you can’t wait till then you can go ahead and upgrade to Firefox 8.

Firefox 8 final

Load Tabs on demand on Startup

If you follow our blog, we’ve covered Firefox 8 new features in detail. Mozilla added Twitter as one of the search engines to the search bar, you can load tabs on demand at startup after enabling “ Don’t load tabs until selected”  option under General tab which helps in improved startup times and speed.

Third party-add-ons are disabled by default & one-time add-on selection dialog

If you’re upgrading from Firefox 7.0.1 you’ll see one-time add-on selection dialog let you control the add-ons installed for Firefox and allows you to enable the  third-party add-ons that are disabled by Firefox, however user installed add-ons will be kept. You won’t come across this dialog when you already seen this before during the upgrade to Firefox 8 Beta.Tab animations are improved when moving, reordering or tearing tabs.

Shortcuts for about:config to access preferences

Firefox 8 now offers shortcuts for access to about:config preferences, for example instead of typing the preference in filter box and search, you can append that preference to about:config URL to see related preferences only. E.g. “about:config?filter=sessionstore” (you still need to click on warranty dialog to go forward).

History now shows downloaded file names and downloaded URL , use Ctrl+Shift+H for Firefox to show all history. 

downloaded file names shown in history

Download Firefox 8 final via Mozilla FTP site

Firefox 8 release notes.