Mozilla planning to release Firefox 8.0.1 for users experiencing crashes with Roboform add-on, they’re planning to blocklist Roboform add-on<7.6.2 (hard blocker), it seems Roboform version 7.5.2 is the culprit. Windows, Mac and Linus operating system and Firefox 8 browser  and above versions are affected.

This is the optional update, users not using Roboform shouldn’t need to download this update.

“therefore, when we ship 8.0.1,  the proposal is that users see the
1a) users on 4.0 – 7.0.1 should get updates to 8.0.1
1b) users who want to download Firefox should find 8.0.1 on

2a) users on 8.0 mac should get idletime/manual check-for-updates to 8.0.1
2b) users on 8.0 win32/linux should not get idle-time updates to 8.0.1.
For mechanical reasons, this also means that users on 8.0 win32/linux
cannot do manual check-for-updates to 8.0.1

Later, when we ship FF9.0:
3a) users on 8.0.1 would get partial updates from 8.0.1 -> 9.0
3b) users on 8.0 would get complete updates from 8.0 -> 9.0 “

Roboform extension blocklist request

Bug 700835

Download Firefox 8.0.1

Firefox 8.0.1 release notes.

So Firefox 8 users experiencing crashes with Roboform needs to download the update provided above, manually checking for updates won’t work as stated above.

We’ll update this post when we hear more from Mozilla.

Update : Mozilla removed download links for Firefox  8.0.1 from their servers they seem to be planning another release meanwhile you can download Firefox 8.0.1 for Windows from here.