If you’re using Chrome since a long time and wanted to switch to Firefox by installing the latest version/making the existing one as default you’ll be switched back to Google’s browser for sure after the first run experience as Firefox doesn’t provide an option to import settings and data from Chrome browser. Mozilla loosing users here and they’re adding import from Chrome feature to their browser for Firefox 10 release (currently work in progress).

Firefox Import Wizard

At present latest Firefox 7.0.1 allows to import settings and data from IE, Safari and Opera but not from Chrome. By adding this feature after installing Firefox 10, on first run Firefox provides the option to import from chrome  and then you can able to successfully migrate your Chrome bookmarks, passwords, history, form data, cookies and applicable preferences/settings to Firefox. Same changes may reflect for Import Wizard that you open from File menu as well.

As Chrome allows users to import their Firefox settings and data, lot of users felt convenient as after all Chrome’s speed buzz made the switching, the  browser Firefox that existed since long time not provides this option, better late than never Firefox 10 offers it, will you switch to Firefox and use it as default browser then?.

We can’t confirm whether current nightly build offers this feature.