Its easy to extract images from PDF files using Nitro PDF Reader and other freeware programs but that’s not the case with office documents when you want to save the images from them, Office Image Extraction Wizard is a freeware program lets you extract images from office 2007 & 2010  documents and other types you to store them as picture files.

Office Image Extraction Wizard

Using Office Image Extraction Wizard

Download and install the program on your computer, run it. Select the document which you want to extract images, specify the output folder where the extracted images to be saved and click Next followed by Start button to let the program to do the rest.

Office Image Extraction Wizard batch mode

This program offers the batch mode extraction where you can add several files and extract images from all documents to same output folder (select  batch mode on Office Image Extraction Wizard for that) or you have to enable the option to “create a folder for each document”. Here you can use Add files button to add documents or just drag and drop them via explorer onto the program window.

This program supports the following Office documents

  • Microsoft Word 2007+ ( .docx / .docm )
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+ ( .pptx / .pptm )
  • Microsoft Excel 2007+ ( .xlsx / .xlsm )
  • OpenDocument Text ( .odt )
  • OpenDocument Presentation ( .odp )
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet ( .ods )
  • Electronic Publication Books ( .epub )
  • Comic Book Archive (.cbz )

Office Image Extraction Wizard works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Office Image Extraction Wizard