Cookies which drops to your Computer whenever you visit web sites set themselves to expire after certain period this can be days or even years, Internet Explorer stores cookies in App data  folder of Users and at other locations in Windows, IE doesn’t delete expired cookies as a result as you browse the web in Internet Explorer these expired cookies can accumulate and waste your hard drive space. Expired Cookies Cleaner is freeware portable app that removes expired cookies stored by IE browser in your Computer easily.

Expired Cookies Cleaner

Location of IE Cookies in Windows 7

Cookies stored by IE can be found in Windows 7 at “ C:\Users\username \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies” folder, you need to uncheck options in folder options to view hidden files and folders and uncheck for hide operating system folders.

IE cookies folder location in windows 7

Using Expired Cookies Cleaner

Download program zip file and extract its contents to a folder and run the app executable. Click on Process button to let ECC to find expired cookies, it removes them automatically if found.

expired cookies removed

Though CCleaner does clean cookies of IE and other browser , we can’t confirm whether Piriform utility removes expired cookies stored by IE in your Computer.

Expired Cookies Cleaner works on all Windows including Windows 7.

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