Smart Desktop is a freeware  app lets you customize windows desktop and offers to access websites related to different categories, wallpapers, videos from single place. This app offers various tabs like Home, Video Web links and wallpapers.

Using Smart Desktop

Before installing this app, you need to install all fonts came with archive, you can select all fonts and right-click & select the install button.  Home tab displays your Computer Name and IP Address, you need to add wallpapers via explorer to for mini-the slideshow to work on this tab.

You can use Notepad for notes or to do list. Perform searches for your query in Google, Dictionary and Wikipedia all results will be opened in your default browser. A menu like sections displayed on left side of screen with different categories which allows quick access to applications installed in your Computer. You need to enter your zip code to display weather for your city.

Weblinks tab displays thumbnails related to various sites related different categories like Search, Social networking, Mail &Blogging, Music &Video etc. and lets you access them with a single click.

In the Wallpapers tab, you need to add wallpapers first then you can run Smart Slideshow. Videos section allows you to add video by clicking “change” button in thumbnail image. You can add more videos by clicking “add new video” button.

You can exit the app by right-clicking on any where on Smart Desktop and select Exit button.

Smart Desktop works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Smart Desktop