We’re not covering posts on Twitter tips and apps, but we’ve covered a few in the past,  there are many Twitter clients for browsers as well Windows available on internet, Echofon much popular Twitter app available  for iPhone and Firefox is now available as a Twitter desktop Client for Windows too as Echofon for Windows.

Echofon for Windows

Update: Echofon for Windows has been discontinued and the app is no longer available for download from their website.

Authorizing the app

After installing the Echofon on Windows, you need to authorize with  your twitter account, clicking on “Authorize with Twitter” opens a pop up window, enter your your username and password and click ‘authorize app’ button.

Echofon can – see the people you follow, read tweets from your timeline,  updates your profile, post tweets for you, access your DMs.. it can do most of things you do, but can’t see your password, hence safe to authorize this app.

From Echofon interface, for your account apart from timeline display, you can check your mentions, DMs you sent, your saved searches, search box and trending topics of your county also shown

Detail Window of user

You can click on a User to view his profile and tweets in a new window, here you can able to follow/unfollow, check his lists and favorited tweets. You can reply, send DM (if the user follows you), block that user or his retweets.

user detail window

Switching between accounts is damn easy

You can add multiple accounts from the preferences and switch between them easily. You can switch to another account by clicking Echofon menu>User>go to User *use Ctrl + U shortcut instead) and enter the user name you want to switch to.

swithing to another user in echofon for windows

Easiest way is click on the profile icon at the bottom and select the account to switch to, isn’t that easy?.

Image previews don’t open inline, instead they open in browser something for Echofon to fix (or  may be it’s  not working for me ).

Syncing with iPhone: Unread tweets sync with your iPhone. If you read some tweets on Windows, you can  read tweets right after them on your iPhone.

Echofon for Windows preferences, Security, iPhone sync settings

You can open preferences from Echofon menu. You can configure this client options to get tweets for every minute, two, three and five minutes. You can enable sync for iPhone from “Accounts” tab and prevent iPhone notifications under “Advanced” tab.

Echofon preferences

Security: Want your tweets to travel through a secure connection, Echofon uses SSL for authentication, but these requests may be slow, you can enable “use SSL for all request” option present in the ‘Advanced’ tab.

Ehcofon for Windows keyboard shortcuts

Refresh Timeline – Ctrl + R          Go to User – Ctrl + U

Jump to Unread  – Ctrl + J            My Profile – Ctrl +Shift +U

Mark as Unread – Ctrl + K            Add Image – Ctrl +I

Add Geo Location – Ctrl +L          Exit  – Ctrl +W

Not too bad considering its first beta release, still needs improvement on end of the user interface. Windows doesn’t get maximized (case with me) may be a bug for Echofon to look out.

Echofon Windows client works on Windows XP/Vista/7/7 (64-bit).

Download Echofon for Windows.