Every PC user need to update their device drivers to keep system in top condition and these driver updates do enhance devices performance and you should know that old and outdated drivers can make your system unstable with crashes, instead of visiting each device manufacturer’s site separately you can rely on sites like DriverZone which contains large database of device drivers  and offers DriverZone Driver Scanner app to detect missing drivers in your Computer and allows to download them from their site.

device drivers info with missing drivers shown on DriverZone

Using DriverZone

All you need to do is download and run their scanner utility in your PC  which locates missing drivers after quick scan and sends that information to DriverZone after that scan results report shown in your browser highlighting the drivers that can be updated.

DriverZone Scanner

You need  to create a free account to download these drivers which may annoy you, but it helps other users in a way if you provide feedback for downloaded drivers which worked correctly or not.

DriverZone Driver Scanner

You can download drivers for different Windows version by clicking on Change OS on results page and selecting desired Windows OS. That’s more than useful if you’re running dual booting PC (e.g. XP and 7) with same configuration.

Detailed Motherboard information shown on report page this includes: Model, Manufacturer name, Chipset version, Fastest supported CPU, maximum supported memory and other details.

DriverZone Driver Scanner app  works on all Windows.

Download DriverZone Driver Scanner

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